ECAL Post-Purchase Reminders

In this Article:

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. Configure Button Display
  3. Configure Direct Link
  4. Configure ECAL Button

1. Pre-requisites

  1. The User subscribes to a Schedule and will receive Events within that Schedule. Create one Schedule per Event, for e.g. per performance
  2. Ensure that this Schedule has a unique Calendar Reference that is available in your Ticketing system
    • Based on your use case, the reference may use a Season ID / Production ID / Performance ID
    • For e.g. Event Details

Make a note of the Calendar Reference as it will be used in your Direct Link

Configure Button Display

  • The Button Display must be configured so that it does not show any Schedule Event Details
  • Once created, ensure your button is set to ‘Live’ Button Display
  • Click on the ‘Ad Code’ in Button Display and make a note of:
    1. Widget ID
    2. API Key Button Embed
  • Replace the placeholders in the link below and embed it in your purchase confirmation page and emails
    <a href="
    ">Sync to Calendar</a>
  • See ECAL’s Direct Link API for additional configuration options

Configure ECAL Button

  • Based on your use case, you may want to embed a ‘Sync to Calendar’ Button on your purchase confirmation pages
  • See ECAL’s Button Embed Guide for configuring the button