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  2. Additional Parameters

The Direct link is a URL that simply directs users to your own custom landing page for your widget, hosted at The direct link has a few mandatory querystring parameters as well as a long list of additional parameters you can pass via the querystring to impact the widget’s user experience.

Use Direct Links for your email communications, social media and native apps.

ECAL apiKey and widgetId are required as parameters in the link. For e.g.

Include user’s email (if available) in the link as it allows the widget to automatically detect whether the user has an existing subscription to your ECAL account and simplifies the User experience.

2: Additional Parameters

Depending on your use case and requirements, you may need to use some of the additional parameters available. These parameters mirror those available to you via our JavaScript Widget embed code API and will generally be the same as whatever you are passing to our widget via the JS embed code.

Please consult ECAL support for details about which parameters are relevant to your use case via chat in your ECAL Admin or

Example HTML code

<a href=",Barclaycard-Visa
">Sync to Calendar</a>


Field Type Required Notes
apiKey String YES The apiKey provided by ECAL and is found under Developers > API Keys menu in ECAL Admin.
widgetId String YES A unique string provided by ECAL to identify the widget. Note this can also be passed to the Button via the HTML attribute data-widget-id
email String NO Same as email for init()
category String NO Used to define when only Calendars from one or more specific categories are displayed. Format is array of category paths.
calendarIds Array [String] NO Only show a particular calendar based on its ID, when specified, the category option will be ignored
calendar_reference Array [String] NO Array of Strings. Only show Calendars (Schedules) with a reference present in this array. Calendar.reference can be set via the ECAL Admin or API.
mobileNumber String NO Mobile phone number, including its international country code
shareUrl String NO The URL for sharing on social networks
referringPage String NO A useful string for tracking and analytical purpose
doubleClickParameters Object NO DoubleClick ad parameters
autoSubscribe Boolean NO If true, widget will skip the schedule selection page so that user is subscribing to whatever schedules (CalendarIDs) have been passed to the widget.
skip_schedule_selection Boolean NO Set as true if you need Users to be able to Subscribe without selecting a Schedule.
subscriber_reference String NO Used to pass an internal reference for user subscribing to ECAL, especially in the private event use cases.

Example Usage

The following demonstrates a basic usage of the ECAL Button Link passing an array of calendar_reference to identify which Schedules should be displayed to the user to choose from.,Barclaycard-Visa&subscriber_reference=User-123