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  1. Configure ECAL Button
  2. Configure Direct Link
  3. Embed Direct Link

Configure ECAL Button

  1. Create an ECAL Account and a new Button Display
    • Log into your ECAL Account and follow the prompts in the ‘Getting Started Guide’ to create and configure a new Button Display
    • Once created, ensure your button is set to ‘Live’ Button Display
  2. Configure Button Display and allow Users to subscribe
  3. Publish your ECAL ‘Sync to Calendar’ Button
    • Once created, ensure your button is set to ‘Live’
  • Click on the ‘Ad Code’ in Button Display and make a note of:
    1. Widget ID
    2. API Key Button Embed
  • Replace the placeholders in the link below
  • See ECAL’s Direct Link API for additional configuration options
  • Use the Direct Link to widget in your mobile app
  • Ensure that the Link is opened in mobile’s browser app and not rendered inside your app